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The Bixby Eye Center is committed to providing truly tailored services for each of your eye care needs. But before we can recommend a pair of glasses, contact lenses, or other treatments, you must first have an eye exam.

We structure our eye exams to be as comprehensive and comfortable as possible. During the exam, we can prescribe lenses, detect eye diseases, and give you helpful information to manage your eye health.

It all starts when you book an appointment. Make life a little more clear, and book your next eye exam in Peoria today.

Why It’s Important To Have Eye Exams

You may have a higher risk of developing an eye disease as you grow older. Many eye diseases, including macular degeneration and glaucoma, can develop without noticeable symptoms during their early stages, giving them the chance to progress for years if untreated. Eventually, these diseases can permanently damage your vision.

One of the best ways to detect, monitor, and manage an eye disease is to ensure you have regular eye exams. According to the American Optometric Association, adults between 18 and 64 should have an eye exam once every 2 to 3 years. Still, we recommend annual eye exams until we can determine your eyes are healthy and stable.

The Eye Exam Process

Discussing Your Health

When it’s time for your appointment, our clinical staff greets you in our waiting room before taking you to our pre-test room.

Every eye exam starts with discussing your health, eye health, and personal and familial health history. This conversation helps us orient the exam if you’re at risk of developing certain eye conditions that could affect your vision or eye health, like diabetes.

Once we have ensured your medical history is accurate and up to date, we will address any questions you have before proceeding with your appointment.

Testing Your Visual Acuity

The next step is testing your visual acuity. Visual acuity testing is essential for determining your prescription strength if you need glasses or contact lenses.

There are several ways to do this, and we will take a series of steps to ensure your prescription is accurate.

Testing for Eye Diseases

Next is testing for eye diseases.

Many eye diseases develop without symptoms during their early stages, but our optometrists look for early signs of these problems before your vision becomes permanently damaged. We use some of the latest eye care technology to search for these signs. One of them is ocular coherence tomography, a device that takes highly detailed cross-sectional images of your retina.

Findings & Recommendations

At the end of the eye exam, we will provide you with all our findings and recommendations for maintaining healthy eyes and clear vision. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through our selection of designer frames, prescribe medication, and set up follow-up exams.

Protect Your Eyes Today

Request your appointment at The Bixby Eye Center today, to protect your eyesight and take steps toward excellent ocular health.

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